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Kronos are highly qualified experts with many years of experience in luxury goods.

Our experts evaluate the authenticity of each item, as well as its appearance and actual technical condition. We use the most modern professional equipment – such as Watch Expert – which allows you to accurately check the watch mechanism.


If your product is of interest, we will definitely buy it.

We can offer a reasonable price for any product – no matter how high its value.


Kronos boasts an impressive and diverse collection of watches and other luxury items from leading brands: for both men and women.

If you are looking for a specific subject, our team of professionals will help you find it – and at an affordable price.

Secured loan

Kronos are fast and profitable transactions for you.

We are a proven experienced company with long-standing customers that you can trust. We are professionals in everything we do and strive to provide our customers with the best possible services.


The Trade-in service, popular in many areas of trade

It is also relevant in our boutique “KRONOS CLUB”.
The essence of this service is that we change your old chronograph to a new one with a surcharge. At the same time, we value your watch expensively, at its true worth, and we offer an affordable price for new watches (lower than for new watches in the cabin).


Thousands of completed orders and satisfied customers.

We provide high quality all services for the repair of Swiss watches, restoration of appearance, manufacture and replacement of glass. In addition, we sell original watch straps and bracelets for Swiss brands.

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